Initial Interest

Contact EasyPay.



An EasyPay Representative will arrange an initial consultation



An action plan and time frame will be established.



An agreement is sent and site survey is arranged to discuss the most possible location for installation.



Once the paperwork is processed, the machine/s will be ordered and installation date agreed.



Installation will take place with appropriate staff training.


Post installation

Once installation is complete, EasyPay will be on hand for any further support and online-monitoring is also provided.


Find out more...

To find out how EasyPay can benefit your NHS Trust, hospital or Department please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website or phone 01253 530550.

Ultrasound Photo Mounts

Providers of bespoke maternity ultrasound photo mounts -

Photo Mount Designs

Photo Mount design is always FREE OF CHARGE, no matter how many different designs we prepare for you.

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